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DigiEars | MAX



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45-Day Money-Back Guarantee*

1-Year Limited Warranty*


Charge your hearing
aids for 5 hours.

Clean wax out of your
ears, excess earwax can
clog your hearing aids.

Try out all ear bud sizes
before turning the device on.
You want a comfortable, snug fit.

Start at the lowest volume
setting increases needed.

You're ready to use your
hearing aids!

What's in the box?

  • Digital Hearing Aid x 1
  • Ear Tips x 3 pairs
    (2pcs each for small, medium & large)
  • Charging Case x 1
  • USB Cable x 1
  • Manual x 1
  • Cleaning Tool x 1
  • Carrying Pouch x 1

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To ensure the longevity of your hearing aids. Safely store the device in the bag provided.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Remove the ear tips from the
hearing aids. Use the cleaning brush to remove wax, dirt or any debris from both the ear tips and the device itself.


Make sure your ears are
free of any dirt or debris.


Charge the case for 5 hours
before use.


To check the remaining charge
in the case & the hearing aids,
press the battery button on
the side of the case.


For best use choose
the ear tips with a comfortable
& snug fit for your ear. 


Gently place the
hearing aids in your ear.

Power ON / OFF

To power On/Off your hearing
aids hold the power button on
each hearing aid.


Set each to lowest volume and
adjust up as needed by pressing
the power button on each
hearing aid.

DigiEars | MAX

*Product only available at participating pharmacies. If there’s any confusing please feel free to contact us directly at support@nuvomed.com to verify if our DigiEars(™️) hearing aids are at your local pharmacy!

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