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I bought these at CVS Pharmacy for $300 and they work better than my $1500 pairs I bought several years ago. They easily fit by themselves and are very easy to recharge. The instructions made it really easy to use as well. I’m so glad I bought these. I hear better than I did for year!

Ethan S.


My wife was annoyed I would turn the TV volume up too high, and I didn’t understand why. She brought me home the Light and I knew instantly. Hearing aids are very comfortable to wear and easy to use!

Davis O.


Alexander J.


Instructions are very simple and easy to read. It took me 30 seconds to fit and
use my LIGHT.

Madison P.


I’ve had hearing trouble in my left ear for years & spent thousands on different hearing aids. The PLUS works like a charm

Jackson B


I wear my Max during zoom calls because I have difficulty hearing. Most of my employees and partners think I’m just wearing airpods. I even wear them at the gym sometimes when I play tennis.

Sophia R.


I’m 43 and have mild hearing loss from construction work. I hated when people noticed my old hearing aids. These are so small and discreet no one ever knows I have them in!

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