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To properly wear and set up your DigiEars Hearing Aid please follow the steps in the videos below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need a hearing test to purchase these Nuvomed hearing devices.

All but the DigiEars PlUS are rechargeable. The PlUS is powered by traditional hearing aid

For most units a 2.5hr charge will provide at least 24 hours of use.

Yes, however, the DigiEars PRO model’s charging case can fully charge the device up to 4 times
and the DigiEars MAX model’s charging case can fully charge the device up to 3 times without
needing to recharge the recharging case.

You can return the devices directly to the retailer your device was originally purchased from
within 45 days from the date of purchase for a FULL REFUND.

Nuvomed Inc.’s hearing aids have a 1-year Manufacturers’ Warranty that covers any
malfunctions due to any parts defects. Call Nuvomed Inc.’s customer support team @ +1 (888)
738-6886 or email support@nuvomedhearing.com for all warranty questions.

The retailer’s will help you purchase your desired product, however they are not experets in the
troubleshooting. For a better understanding of any troubles, concerns, or questions about
Nuvomed Inc.’s hearing aid products, please call Nuvomed Inc.’s customer support team @ +1
(888) 738-6886 or email support@nuvomedhearing.com.

No. All of Nuvomed Inc.’s hearinga aid devices are manually adjusted, and while the DigiEars
Light model has Bluetooth® connectivity it does not require adjustment via a cellular device.

Very soon they will be available at many major retailers around the U.S! However before they
are available in stores you can call or email us at +1 (888) 738-6886 or support@nuvomed-

Except for the DigiEars PLUS model, which is sold as single device, all other Nuvoed Inc. hearing
aids are sold as a complete set (Right and Left Devices).

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